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Pt. Gopal Sharma

Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields.
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Astrology FAQ - Part 1
Astrology questions answered by experts

Question. What kind of remedy should be adopted in what situation? Do all kinds of remedies like mantra, yantra etc. be performed equally for any problem, any time?

Ans. Remedy is normally required for a planet which is active by virtue of dasha or transit, but is benefic and weak, or is malefic and strong. That is, it is not either able to give good results to its full capacity, or is giving bad results, which have to be checked. If that planet is sitting in a earthy sign in the natal horoscope, stone should be suggested, if in fire sign, yajna should be performed, if in airy sign, Mantras are useful and if in watery sign, alms or throwing things in water helps. Normally, stone wearing enhances power of a planet and throwing items in water reduces power of a planet - whether the planet is good or bad. So if a planet is malefic but strong, then stone should be avoided and if a planet is benefic but weak then stone should be worn and its items should not be thrown or given in alms. Mantras and Yajna increase the benefic power of the planet only, without creating any loss. So whenever a planet is active, its Mantra jap and yajna should be performed for better results.

Question. Do different systems on astrology or predictive sciences give same results?

Ans. There are various systems of prediction like Palmistry , numerology, astrology. In astrology too, there are various systems, like Jaimini Parashar, Neel kanthi etc. Every system has its own benefits and shortcomings. Some systems are better than the others. If the fact of life is represented by a straight line then the various systems can be denoted by various graphs like A,B,C, which touch the reality of life only at few points. At some points they are far off. However, when one system is at a distance from the truth, other system touches the reality. This is the reason why we believe in so many systems. However, taking average may not always give us better results, e.g. if system A is at + 10% level of accuracy and system B at +20% level then the average is +15%, which means averaging has spoilt the results of system A. Averaging may be good if one system is at negative level of accuracy and other at positive level. But we never know where we stand in our prediction for any future event, whereas for past we can always take average, or apply different systems to know why that event happened. So it is suggested that one should adopt one system and practice more and more to bring it close to the line of reality.

Question. Why does astrology sometimes fails?

Ans. Unlike Physics and Chemistry and like any behavioral science, astrology is an empirical science; that is the rules are based on statistics. They are not correct for any horoscope any time. This is true not only for astrology but for any predictive science. Further, the rules that we are using have not been checked for accuracy and relevance in modern times. We are using them as we found in old texts, even when many correlating factors have been lost during the last 2000 years or more. The rules when tested on large data in future will definitely give rise to better framed rules and accuracy in astrology will be more.

Question. Which is the best predictive science - astrology, Palmistry , numerology or any other and why?

Ans. Compared to all other predictive sciences, Indian system of astrology is known for its accuracy, reliability and in-depth analysis. Other systems are used either in the absence of reliable birth data, or in the absence of its interpretation. Astrology is the only system where predictions can be made precisely with time.

Question. Should Ayanamsa be used? Which ayanamsa should be used?

Ans. The planets move as per their nirayana value in the sky. This can be easily checked by matching Moon's movement through various zodiac signs. Chaitrapaksha Ayanamsa, popularly known as Lahiri Ayanamsa, only has the scientific approval of the international astronomers and this should only be used, irrespective of what results you get astrologically. You should modify your astrological rules to suit the astronomical computations, but not vice versa.

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