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Pt. Gopal Sharma

Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields.
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Astrology FAQ - Part 3
Astrology questions answered by experts

Question. Does one get affected by some one else's horoscope? If yes, then what is the sanctity of the horoscope?

Ans. Like one is affected by planets, he is affected by any other item in his vicinity. Every body has a gravitational pull - small or large. Effect of planets is visible because of their large mass. Stars of much higher mass do not have that much of effect because of their large distance. Secondly, our power of computation is limited. Just the nine planets and twelve signs make so many combinations that it is difficult to correlate them with life. Horoscope having just nine planets is not the complete representation of what we are. But it is able to take care of maximum of our future with minimum of complexity. That is why we study a horoscope. Deviations to it due to others - living or non living - can be adjusted by studying the past and fitting that to the planet's effects. In brief, presence of others does not destroy the importance of the horoscope.

Question. If in one accident many lives are taken, does that indicate similarity in everyone's horoscope?

Ans. The horoscope of the place or a vehicle in which passengers are traveling, supersedes the horoscopes of the natives. Hence, in a calamity everyone's horoscope does not necessarily indicate death. However, this point needs further research and views from the readers.

Question. We take muhurtha for something. Does it change the fate of the person?

Ans. Muhurtha gives us an idea about the future of the task that we do; for example, oath ceremony of ministry gives idea about the government; starting moment of business gives us knowledge about how the business will go etc. To have a good future we select a good muhurtha. Knowledge is strength and knowing the future of deeds in advance can definitely guide our future better. However, we can not totally reverse the direction of the fate. So many times we find things do not happen at the time of best Muhurtha, or after the event we come to know that the computations were wrong. This clearly indicates we cannot change the destiny. Still nature has provided us with hands to do something and mind to think. We should use it optimally, but without having keen desire for the best ; it will occur only if it is in fate.

Question. Can we remove the ill effect of 7th house by doing a proper matching?

Ans. Answer to this question lies in the previous answer. We can aspire for a better married life by having a better matching, but fate cannot be overruled.

Question. Contradictory yogas are formed in ones horoscope. What is correct in such a situation?

Ans. Contradiction is part of any behavioral science. Take the results either by strength or by the number of times it occurs.

Question. What is the importance of chalit chart and how should it be used?

Ans. House is next to planets in importance for its role in astrology. Lagna chart shows house only approximately. Actual house position is governed only by Bhava chart or Chalit chart. Hence Chalit chart cannot be ignored in astrology. But use it cautiously, because it should not be used for determining the aspects, or knowing the sign in which a planet is posited. If a Sun moves from lagna to 12th house while it was in Aries in Lagna chart, then it does not mean that Sun has shifted to Pisces. It remains in Aries, but is placed in 12th house.

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