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“For Career Success"

“CAREER SUCCESS” For Vaastu & Fengshui

Vaastu and Garden In this article we will try to show you the Path of Success and Growth in Career through Vaastu/Feng Shui; which are study of constructing / arranging the environment to make life progressive, happy and more comfortable. These sciences guide us to create harmony & cordial relations in the family as also at workplace.

Our career is important to us, to our sense of self, providing support for our families, and can even define our identities. Second to generating wealth, energizing the career sector ranks highest among those interested in using Vaastu / Feng Shui to better their lives.
It makes sense, because the time we spend at our jobs is about a third of our daily lives.

It is understandable because, having a successful career enables us to take better decisions for ourselves and our families and gives us more freedom in our lives.

Vaastu is the Indian Science of Architecture that combines the five elements of nature and balances them. It aims to create a subtle conducive atmosphere in a structure in which you can bring the best in yourself, thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth and happiness.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science for successful and harmonious living. By simply re-arranging articles in our home or at workplace; we can increase the powerful positive energy. In this article we shall focus points to harness the power of Vaastu / Feng Shui for success in career.

One’s career lies in ones profession. Let us explore the interior designing and decoration and let us find multiple remedies to energize the premises and neutralize the negative energy. But, we strongly believe that one must be open minded enough to accept and adopt this global knowledge.

To begin with, we must know the direction related to career. North is meant for career. If you are looking to enhance your career path, you need to energize the NORTH of your workplace and residence. And also, if you can understand the concept “like attracts like,” then you will easily understand how to attract more abundance into your life. If you place an item or symbol of what you perceive as “the epitome of abundance” in Northern part of your home /work place, then you will be placing a physical reminder of your intention to have abundance in your life. Even if you can’t decide what that symbol is, you can start the process by taking the time to clean up and organize everything in this space. This will invite a fresh and invigorated energy to move in and start the process.

Vaastu suggests us to keep our work area light and tidy, while Feng Shui suggests methods for creating prosperity and balance in your work. Let us ponder over few points for enhancing the positive energy of your workplace and home for boosting your career.

Step One : Explore your Home

As we spend half the time in our living abode, we also need to energize the same to support the workspace changes.

Look at your Entrance

Make sure entrance to your home is attractive, neat and no obstacles or negative energy factors are present. The dying plants, large trees, worn out welcome mats are few sources of negative energy. Make sure that doors of the inner rooms are not visible from the entrance. If your front door has peeling paint or a worn out door handle, spruce this up or you could suffer setbacks.

Look North

You need to be sure that North area (sector) of your home is in order. Look at North of your Bedroom, Kitchen, dining room, living Area or any other room. Make it clutter free. Then, energize this area with metal or water element to activate the career related positive energizes to bring you new opportunities of growth. Avoid water bodies / objects or paintings / sceneries with water in bedroom. But it is advised to have water objects in your Living, Dining or Study area.

Step Two : Explore your Office

Anything that causes you discomfort will drain your energy, let us make sure that we remove such objects from our workplace.

Look at your Desk

Clutter is emotional constipation and it blogs you down. Let us define CLUTTER; anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, disorganized can be considered as clutter. Dig into your cabinets and desktop and regularly purge and un-clutter them. Clearing clutter creates space for new items and renews your energy. Your work table should be placed facing North direction with a real crystal (clear crystal quartz or rose quartz) having perfect base, placed in the North-East corner of the table may shine your career prospects. A better way of placing crystal is to have a small bowl of crystal for placing petty stationery items like eraser, pencil, colours etc. but avoid using it for sharp edged items such as blades, pins, knife etc. The best option is to have a crystal pyramid on the work-table.

Look around your Desk

Is your desk in the “command position”? If you have a view of the room without being in direct line of the door or main walkway, your desk position is right. If you are sitting with your back to the door, you will always feel threatened by your co-workers. If you can’t move your desk but are facing a wall, place a mirror on the wall or desk or on your computer monitor to enable you to see behind you. However facing South / South-West must be avoided. This helps you see what is coming at you, both literally and figuratively. Having sufficient space around the table enhances your relationships with co-workers, customers and prospects. Look at the office corners

North-East corner of your office is considered as your Wealth and Prosperity corner. Figure out what do you have there? Clutter (affects your prosperity) or Neat & organized (brings new opportunities). A bathroom drains away new opportunities & a kitchen/pantry at this place burns finances. To enhance career opportunities, have a small table top fountain or Wall clock (in North or North-East) or symbol of affirmation (in North-West) and Clutter free if any other direction. Have heavy objects, such cabinets in South / South-West direction. Wooden show pieces or plants in East or South-East.

Look at your rest Area

Work and sleep are two conflicting energies, but having a relaxing sleep will enhance your productivity and efficiency. If you must have your workspace at your home; avoid it in the bedroom. If it is unavoidable, try to partition it off with a screen/curtain. If you have a rest area in office, it should be confined and not visible from your seat/ chair.

Let us personalize the analysis and go in-depth for analyzing the points that are to be considered for an individual. Every human has a different energy patterns and hence interacts differently with the energy patterns of the earth / his abode. We will now try to explore over points that are more personal or vivid to every person.

Explore your personal Kua directions

Face your personal best directions, if at all possible, but never ignoring open spaces around the workspace. Use North, if none of your personal directions are available, second best being East/ North-East. Avoid facing a wall, South-West & South Make environment gossip free.

If gossip is a problem in your career, place a statue of a rooster on your desk to look at anyone coming into the office. This will help curb some of the politicking and talk in the office.

Always have a support.

This is extremely important for a good career. Ensure that you always have something solid behind you. If you have a window at your back, you will suffer from lack of support. Re-position such as to have a wall behind you. Make sure there is no bookshelf or open cabinet behind you.

Watch the plants for growing Reserves

Place a plant in the east zone or southeast corner of your office. Get rid of spindly, weak plants. Better to have a colorful pretty silk artificial plant than a real plant that is pale.

Ensure your work is Recognized.

If you always are in the situation that, you are in trouble getting noticed for your hard work; place a lamp in the East / South-East corner of your office or work space. This adds fire energy and helps you get noticed and recognized for your efforts.

Progress is steady but slow

Place a tortoise (of any material) in the north corner of your office to symbolize water and support. Or, place a big picture of water fall or sea without violent waves, here. If possible / convenient you may place an aquarium here with eight gold fish and one black gold fish.

There are no helping hands

It’s the “who you know principle” that you must engage at work. Mentors and helpful people at work can smooth the way up in the job and in your career. Activate your North-West corner to attract the helping people in office environment by keeping a 6 rod yellow or golden metallic wind chime. Add crystals / moving metal objects (such as a fan or pendulum clock / maps or globes / Golden metal show pieces) can do wonders in this area.

As all of you known that for every person, career strength and job security have become much more important as the opportunities are growing fewer with economy passing through a trying phase.

Fortunately, Vaastu and Feng Shui provides scientific techniques, as discussed above, that you can use to help yourself to earn more recognition, invite more opportunity, and attract the eye and support of superiors, who can help you in your growth.

I wish, making changes and enhancements and suggested above, for your career may bring you exposure astounding success and recognition. And may you have more choices in your career and better control over your life.

“Always bear a Smile on your face, and Let your life blossom in the Hands of God – the Almighty; who knows better.”

Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, Palmistry are Ancient Indian Science for happy living.
It is advisable to consult a professional before taking any vital decision.

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