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“Power of Color"

In Vaastu

"Power of Color" In VAastu

Vaastu and Garden

Sound, heat, light and magnetism are all part of the energy of the sun. Sunlight is apparently pure and white light, though it is actually a combination of the seven colors of the rainbow: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. This is referred to as “VIBGYOR.”

Different colors surround us and give off subtle vibrations. It depends on the frequencies. Every color in the rainbow (Vibgyor) emits a different vibration or wavelength. Some colors vibrate gradually while few vibrate very rapidly. Use of appropriate color in the correct direction can make positive changes in our own energy level. Seven colors of the spectrum are essentially required by human beings for development & functioning of cells. When we are exposed to different color vibrations, we generally experience changes in our psychological and physical condition.

It was discovered that each color had an independent vibration that affected the mind and body, and activated human glands and bodily functions. The North-East side of the spectrum, which is given the name Eeshanya and corresponds to the ultra-violet, violet, indigo and blue end of the spectrum, is associated with purity and divinity. The South-East corner of the spectrum is called Aagneya, and it is the infra-red, thermal aspect which stimulates strength, joy, happiness and love. Red can raise vitality and improve blood-circulation. Green is soothing, healing, peaceful and cool. Yellow in the spectrum is highly spiritual and can bring compassion and creativity. Orange stimulates ambition, lively activities along with generation of pride.

As colors play a role in influencing Vaastu of our surroundings you should study and understand the balancing of colors before decorating your home. Colors which are in harmony with nature bring poise to your mind and body. They have the power to either dishearten or enliven you, and play a crucial role to make you fit and cheerful. One should choose a color scheme which attracts and promotes buoyancy in life. Colors can make or break the energy; it all depends on their use. They can make you friendly, gracious, composed or grumpy.

Colors and their impact

Colors perpetually surround us and have a powerful impact on our state of mind. The use of color in house decoration is a very powerful tool for Vaastu -- balancing the environment, both mentally and physically. The colors are also linked with the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas.’ Blue, green, white and light colors are considered “sattvic.” “Rajasic” colors are the bright fiery reds, orange and pinks and are thought to increase desire. The inert, “tamasic” colors are all dark: browns, navy, and black. These colors should be avoided as they tend to make you feel inert and lazy.

It is widely known that visually colors can change the size and shape of a room. In a small room, a light color gives the illusion of space. Also, if a room receives little daylight, painting it a light color will improve it dramatically. If a room receives a lot of light, it is not advisable to paint the walls peach or yellow, though it is good to have the ceiling white as this will reflect more heat and light into the room. The general rule is to use softer, lighter, more “sattvic” colors throughout the house to promote harmony. Red is a passionate shade and, as it increases desire, is a good color for the bedroom. It is also a good color to use in the kitchen, whether you use red earthenware tiles on the floor or paint the walls a shade of red.

Effects on the mood

Color has deep effects on our mood and can change it from melancholy to cheery, from anxious to confident, and from confused to a clear mind. Particular colors have different effects on each individual. Some colors make aggravate irritation while others may energize you. There are different colors for each direction of the house. If a color is not used according to the prescribed direction, the results could be bothersome.

Best direction for colors

East being the direction of the sun, the color preferred is dark red, which provides us with valor and fame. Moon rules the Southeast and the color suggested is white, which gives beauty, purity, attraction and good fortune. Mars rules the South; the color recommended is orange, which symbolizes aggressiveness and fire. Jupiter governs the Northeast and recommends yellow, which symbolizes piousness and purity. Mercury represents the North and the color is green, which depicts aptitude and prosperity. The ruler of West is Saturn and it symbolizes growth and satisfaction -- the color is blue. Rahu rules southwest and the Color preferred is dark brown. Ketu rules the northwest direction and the Color preferred is silver white.

Nature of Color

Each Color depicts a particular nature and hence, should be used in places that suit them so that more energy can be enchanced.

Red is the most dramatic Color and should be used in such places as one needs excitement and warmth. Blue is generally associated with beauty and stand for tranquility and contentment. Yellow is a powerful Color, which stirs up a sense of energy and excitement. It is also supposed to stimulate the nervous system and cerebral activities, so its prime use would be in the study or a room where mental pursuits take place, such as a library. Green stands for the greenery and can be used to create liveliness in the room. Violet is a Color of emotional variation. Orange evokes warmth, comfort and reassurance. Pastel Colors are becoming popular to a greater extent as they are sober Colors give a more refined look.

Blue and green being, Nature’s tonic, are cooling and soothing, giving calm and peaceful vibrations, and are best utilized in the living room. Violet is said to enhance introspection and disperse depression, and is good to use in a meditation room.

Your Room Colors

Dark rooms should be painted in light Colors and if a room gets good amount of natural light throughout the day then it should be painted in deep Colors. It is always recommended to paint the ceilings white, as the temperature of the ceiling should be less than the temperature of the human body.


According to Vaastu, light shades are always better than dark shades in residential houses. The Color of the walls in your bedroom could be light rose, light blue, light green and light grey as these Colors prop up intellectual attitude. Yellow and white marble stones are suggested in the bedroom. Bedroom is a place for rest and sleep so it should be balanced with the soft hues and tones to create a calming effect.

Rajasic Colors, such as reds, oranges, and shades of terracotta are also ideal for use in the bedrooms as they create an atmosphere of warmth, coziness and sensuality.


Kitchen is an important place and is dominated by fire. Therefore red Color should be used in the kitchen or anything related with fire. Yellow, Green & off white are also good Colors.

Living Room

It is the place to entertain guests, that’s why it should be full of pleasing effects to maintain the mood and make conversation more lively and energetic. To make it more contented we should use Colors like yellow, green, blue, beige or tan.

Study Room

Color like green, purple and blue motivate the brain and provide energy; so these Colors are good for students and should be painted in their study room as these Colors help them work hard and concentrate.

Baby’s room

A baby’s room should have bright Colors like bright pink, yellow, green or blue. It is better to have bright Colors in a baby’s room, as babies tend to respond more readily to them.


We should use Colors like white and light grey in bathroom. Pink and other pastel colurs are also good for the bathroom. Relaxing, cool shades of blue are also perfect for the bathrooms where we take the time to relax and soothe the mind and body.


Yellow or cream symbolize the element of earth and are good Colors to choose for the exterior of a house.

Practical tips

Here are some valuable guidelines for using paint Colors to balance the five elements in your environment.

- To reduce oppressive energetic effect, paint a low ceiling and beams with white.
- Use shiny paints to spread out life supporting energy in the north and east directions.
- White glossy paint should be used in the northeast directions to enhance your spiritual and material wealth.
- Apply a soft, light blue matte paint in the west and northwest to improve relationships and education.
- To reduce negative energy from your house use bright Colors in South and West.
- Soft and light yellow should be painted in the southwest and the south to increase restfulness.

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