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Vaastu and Garden “If your love life needs a quick boost, you can use the art of placement to produce the romantic results you desire”.

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Asian practice of object arrangement and space planning designed to bring balance, harmony and well- being to your environment. Its purpose is to enhance prosperity, creative, health and romance. Feng shui fortifies a home with positive energy known as Chi.

The attainment of positive chi is both an art and a blessing to those who manifest that chi. The word” Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water, each one associated with a good harvest and ultimate good health or good fortune.

Valentine’s Day or any day- romance and passion are important. The first step in using Feng Shui to attract a partner or improve your love life is to find the relationship power spots in your home. Once you have located these areas, Feng Shui cures and enhancements can activate these areas and increase your love luck. The Feng Shui “ba – gua” is an energy map that divides any space into eight sections, each of which affects a specific aspect of life. Love and marriages are governed by “kun” gua, the southwest (SW) sector of the home. Your relationship power spots are the kun guas of your home, bedroom, and other main rooms.

The best way to attract love is to adjust your environment accordingly. Sabby surroundings, piles of clutter, and self- absorbed art work can actually drive cupid from your door.

Feng Shui bedroom
Do not make the mistake of extending the fast pace of your life into bedroom and its layout. The bedroom has a strong association with intimacy and romance and must not contribute to fatigue and irritability. Remove inappropriate images that alludes to solitude, loneliness and conflict and disagreement. Clutter is anathema to good chi. De- clutter the bedroom to make room for positive vibes and new relationships. Do not let the entrance to your bedroom door be blocked with clutter since it is the area associated with opportunities. Breathe life into your relationship by clearing up the energy that is stuck with clutter. Make space in your bedroom if you are looking for a new relationship. Create mental and emotional space so as to promote improved mood and increased energy.

Allow for a gentle flow of chi around the bedroom to nourish your love life. Windows and door must be positioned correctly. Use romantic art work and fresh or silk flowers to promote an ambience of love. Peonies symbolize fidelity and marriage and are ideal for Feng Shui bedroom decoration. Set them up in pairs and not singles. Round mirrors represent union and completion and are ideal for bedrooms. Pink is a color that symbolizes love in Feng shui. You can have some items of pink or red while decorating your bedroom. Add candles to your bedroom- they are romantic and create a pleasant ambience and creat heat- ideal to set your love on fire. Do not forget the sensual elements of soft music, massage oils and silky sheets and lingerie.

Bedroom colors
The golden rule for Feng Shui bedroom colors is to avoid loud and overpowering colors. Violets, lavenders, yellow, blues, whites and grays can contribute towards making your bedroom soothing and restful. Since sleeping is a yin activity, the Feng shui bedroom colors must not be stimulating so as to prevent peace and rest. Sharp angles and geometric shapes can also be avoided in the bedroom. A warm soothing atmosphere can be crested with the right blend of colors, lighting and furnishings.

Bedroom arrangement
Place the bed in a location that gives you clear sight of the door. Do not place the bed next to a window. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed. Place next to your bed instead of over it. Use soft lampshades so that the light in the bedroom is not harsh and powerful but subdued and claming. Ensure that bed is supported by a solid wall behind it. As per Feng Shui guidelines, do not have a bedroom layout that has beams or overhead cupboards over your bed.

If you have an en- suite bedroom, you must keep the bathroom door closed at all times. As per Feng Shui, it is not auspicious to sleep with feet facing a door as it leads to outflow of energy. Do not have the head of the bed facing north. Octagonal or arched windows are ideal for Feng Shui bedroom arrangement. Work on the southwest corner of your bedroom layout for Feng Shui charms. Use aromatherapy or other positive vibes in that nook. Do not place computers, television or exercise equipment in that spot of your bedroom. Do not use the area under your bed for storage. Instead air space under your bed can give you restful sleep in the protective arms of positive chi.

Feng Shui bedroom tips:-
Avoid computers, television and video games in the bed room. Screen them off in armoires and behind screens if they need to find place in your bedroom.

 Go in for a good quality bed. Choose wooden beds over metal beds since metal beds can conduct electricity, which may not be positive chi. 

Use soft drapes and soft relaxing bed sheets and comforters.
 Avoid keeping large living plants in the bedroom. 
Keep garbage out of the bedroom.
 Do not place fish tanks and fountains in bedrooms. 

If your bed faces an open doorway, a line of Feng shui crystal balls effectively creates an invisible, protective line of energy around the bed. 

Close your curtains at night while you let the sun stream in during the day to bring in positive energy. Ensure those curtains moves easily are kept clean to allow fresh chi to come in.

Renew the chi in the bedroom by changing sheets regularly. It helps promote positive energy and maintain cleanliness too. 

Add a touch of red – the color of love and warmth. A pillow in red or bright red candle can do wonders for your bedroom. 

Use yellow, white and red lights to brighten up the southwest corners of your house to attract the energy of romance.

 Placing natural quartz crystals in pair or hang crystal fancy lights in the southwest corner will energize this corner of love. 

A toilet in the southwest corner can be very negative on your love life. Hang a five rod wind chime above the toilet. 

Enhancing love Feng shui increases love opportunities, but finding a perfect match depends on your karma. 

If there is exposed beams in the southwest corner, hang tiny wind chimes to soften the killing chi of the edges.

 Water in the southwest tends to cause arguments. 

Jasper in the southwest corner activates romance luck. 

Hanging a painting of high mountains in the southwest corner powerful chi of the big earth. 

On a window in the southwest corner hang a faceted crystal ball to capture the sunlight and create chi rainbows.

 In order to creates\smooth love chi between the partners, place red love knots on pictures of you together. 

Yellow flowers are for those seeking a serious relationship and white flowers are good for mature people in love.

 A pair of mandarin ducks placed in the bedroom symbolizes the happiness of lovers. The mandarin ducks signifies love, romance, devotion, fidelity, affection and partner loyalty.

In real life, mandarin ducks are always seen as loving pairs. The symbols are often used to help singles find love partners in love and eventually marital bliss. Placed nearby their owners, the mandarin ducks emit strong love chi that makes you more loveable and attractive to enhance your chances of finding partners.

 Never place water features on the right side of the main door as this lead to infidelity. Keep water features, water bowls and aquariums out of the bedroom as they can lead to loss.

Your bedroom greatly affects your health, marriage and prosperity. Whether you’re looking for a new relationship or looking to enhance an existing one, Feng shui will power your intentions. Your environment is either supporting you or working against you. If you are in a relationship these tips will support you in creating the relationship more harmonious, and, if you are looking for a new partner, these tips will set the prospects. Gather these useful Feng shui tips on bedroom layout and decoration. Incorporate them in your bedroom layout to promote wellbeing and happiness.

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