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Vaastu and Garden Energizing the Universal wealth sector
The universal prosperity corner is the southeast of any room, office, or retail establishment and energizing this sector of the room attracts good fortune chi for the business or residence. Place a plant in the Southeast corner of your office or store. Place a beautiful healthy plant, not one that looks half dead- and make sure it stays healthy. If it starts to get sickly, remove the yellowing or dead leaves and, if necessary, replace it altogether. Fake plants made of silk or paper will also be equally effective, but keeping dried plants or flowers in the house/workplace would be negative.

Sharp edges
When placing two desks, the corner of one desk may inadvertently point directly at the other desk like an arrow aimed at a person. This creates a menacing atmosphere and affects the stability & concentration of the person. Avoid such ‘sharp’ positions when making desk arrangements.

This describes a situation where the sharp corners of two pieces of furniture point towards each other. Besides being a safety hazard, this also creates disharmony and hostility. Please avoid such ‘scissors’ configurations when placing your furniture.

Desk floating in air
A desk that is fixed in a wall but has the other side hanging in the air symbolizes insecurity and instability.
A better arrangement is to have open space in front for the growth on one side while the person sits with his back against another wall.

Wooden arrow
It is an unfavourable influence created by a long passageway between the entrance and the bedroom door. The long, straight passage generates a strong and direct rush of ‘chi’(feng shui energies). As a long object is classified as the wood element in feng shui, this is called a ‘wooden arrow’.
One remedy is to construct a curved door at the entrance to the passageway. Rounded objects are classified as metal and so help keep the wooden arrow under control. Another, preferred solution is to illuminate the passage better by a suitable chandelier or focus lights to deflect the chi.

Exposed stove
Traditionally the stove is a source of prosperous energy that is personal to a family. Placing the stove in an exposed location reduces its beneficial power. The stove thus should not be placed where it can be immediately seen by visitors entering the house for ensuring the privacy of the family/finances.
If the stove is placed with the knobs facing outward of the house, its prosperous energy will be driven outside. Pl ace the stove such that the knobs face inward into the house.

Religious statue with back against window
Placing religious statues against the window creates an image of insecurity and instability. Religious statues should be placed with their back against a solid wall to symbolize strength and stability.

Leakage of Chi
After coming in through the entrance, the feng shui energies, or ‘chi’ are usually drawn towards the two opposite corners before bouncing back and circulating around the house. But if these two corners are windows, the energies will escape through the windows instead of circulating in the house, thus causing a ‘leakage of beneficial energy/opportunities.
If there is no wall space at the window corners to enable the energy to stay and circulate, put up curtains and plants at these corners to create some shelter.

Toilet facing the bed
The toilet is considered a ‘dirty’ part of the house with bad energy. So having the bed face the toilet is unhealthy; which may lead to sickness. Most master bedrooms in modern condominiums have this drawback. If this cannot be avoided, shut the toilet door when sleeping.

Mirrors are powerful feng shui tools
We all know that a mirror reflects objects on the opposite side. If a mirror faces the window/door, it can draw the image of any object outside into the house. If these are unpleasant objects, they may bring harm to the family. To ensure health and harmony we should thus avoid placing a mirror to face the window. Mirrors also widen narrow, cramped corners and extend walls to make up for missing corners.
Mirrors are auspicious in dining rooms. Place a large mirror in your dining room to “double” your food.

Mirror facing the bed
A mirror facing the bed reflects the image of the sleeping person. Traditionally the mirror image is believed to represent the ‘yin’ aspect of a person and exposing it for a long period is harmful. The sleeping person may also be frightened by his own image when he wakes up in the dark.
When placing a mirror in the bedroom, avoid placing it opposite a toilet and also in south, south-east or southwest zones; even if it is not reflecting the bed.

Desk directly facing the entrance
The entrance is where energies rush in. Placing a desk for working/studying to face the entrance directly is thus inappropriate. The best desk position is at the diagonally opposite corner of the room; at a right angle to one side; with his back against a solid wall.

Back against the corner
Desks should not be placed at an angle to the walls. Not allowing the desk to lean against a wall creates an image of insecurity, like ‘floating on air’. Moreover, placing oneself against the corner symbolizes diminishing business just as the space diminishes towards the corner.
The best desk position is to lean against the wall at a right angle to one side. The way, a person can sit with his back against a solid wall.

Bed with back towards the entrance
If the entrance is behind the head of the bed, the sleeping person will not be able to see anyone entering the room. This creates an atmosphere of insecurity. The best position for a bed is farthest from the entry and back supported by a solid wall.

Overhead beam
Sitting or sleeping directly beneath a heavy overhead beam is believed to be very harmful as this creates pressure on the person below. Avoid remaining directly underneath a beam. If this is inevitable, construct a false ceiling to hide the beam. The placement of a stove/gas is most important for the health of ladies. Placing the stove beneath a heavy concrete beam can thus adversely affect the wife’s health.

Bed facing the entrance directly
When the bed, the passageway and the entrance are in a straight line, a current of energies will rush directly towards the bed. A bed facing the entrance also lacks privacy. Avoid placing the bed to face the entrance; to ensure the smooth movement of the energy in the house.

Inauspicious plants
Avoid displaying stunted or deformed plants, such as bonsai or cactus. Although these look quaint and can be exquisitely beautiful, the suggestion of stunted development is not good. Auspicious feng shui always suggest abundant growth. Sickly or dead looking plants and flowers emit a negative energy that signifies loss. You should therefore never use dried flowers in the house. Plants should always look healthy and green. The Chinese jade plant is highly recommended as it has succulent leaves that attract wealth.

A Special tip
A tip for energizing the southwest corner, to attract suitable partners for grown-up daughters, is to place pebbles inside a shallow glass or crystal bowl, fill it with water, float some flowers on top,and place a floating candle in the center. This brings together a basket of all 5 elements and lighting the candle each day will attract vital energy to the corner. If you use flowers, change both of them and the water daily. You can use pebbles of any color. Mix the colours if you wish.

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