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“Feng Shui Tips For "

Winter Season

Feng Shui Tips for Winter Season

Vaastu and Garden Each season is associated with one of five basic Feng Shui elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Winter belongs to the Water element, both being quite and restorative. The energy that predominates this season is a slow and internal energy that encourages introspection. During this period, many people experience a slightly passive mood, diminishing of energy and variation in the appetite.

Since North is the direction of Water, we should make sure that this area is clean and uncluttered. Incorporate some black and dark blue colour in cushions, decorative objects and art work in the northern zone for better cash liquidity.

By making our home a magnet to attract warmth and comfort, we allow ourselves to get more energy & plan to achieve our highest goals and dreams.

Following Feng Shui suggestions will be very helpful in getting the best from winter season and bring out its positive aspects.

1. Keep an ornamental indoor/outdoor fountain or aquarium, live/artificial plants or bunch of flowers, a bowl of fruits; to encourage the free flow of positive energy (chi) to your residence. Plants and flowers, either real or artificial, are symbols of life and growth. They breathe /boost new energy into any interior and help circulate the same, especially when placed on either side of an entrance; because they attract good chi and bring in new opportunities in life. A plant placed under an open staircase at home will draw positive energy to the upstairs area, too. Fish bowls and aquariums are also a small version of the life-giving ocean and evoke nourishing and money-making chi. Tortoise signifying finance and longevity, is the ruling animal of winter season. You may keep it in any form i.e. live or symbolic; in North direction; for miraculous results.

2. You can benefit from the nature even by remaining inside by opening East/south-facing windows in the morning and early afternoon to let in bright winter sunlight of VIBGYOR for more energy, confidence and good health. Blooming indoor plants bring the beauty and vibrancy of an outdoor garden into your home especially putting them in the East, Southeast and South areas of your home is very good for good health, family and financial growth besides name and fame in the family. Whether you like lavender, jasmine or even flowering plants, these are bound to brighten any room. You may also hang/keep pictures/paintings of natural scenery of waterfall/stream for enjoying the feel of the power of Feng shui at home. Besides these, you may add more yang to your life by introducing more light, music, mirrors, & wind chimes, into your life. It is good Feng shui to place a wind chime or bell in dark corners to attract energy.

3. As per the basic principle of Feng Shui, clearing out clutter is also very helpful in coming out of the winter blues. Messed up articles, especially near the main door, encourages the stagnation. Shoes, coats, scarves, hats and bags dumped in piles near the entrance, prevents positive chi from entering the home. While winter is a time of reflection, this does not mean a time to encourage stagnation. Hence for best results, keep your house, especially the entry, organized; to welcome the positive energy inside.

4. The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the home especially, in winter and the warmth and aromas emanating from cooking tempt the appetite and nourish our senses of taste and smell; as the best foods are those which warm the body’s core. Warm hearty soups, sprouted grains, roasted nuts, small dark beans, and steamed winter greens help to strengthen our body. Having a hot pot of soup daily will give you healthy nourishment.

5. A well-balanced diet will provide you the energy to stay focused and active besides make you feel good, even during the depressing winter days. Consuming more proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates, and avoiding food having high sugar content or fat, excess of salt, processed foods besides controlling alcohol consumption, is extremely important in controlling your weight during winters.

6. As we all know, natural sunlight is quite possibly the most powerful way to boost our mood by increasing serotonin levels and exposing yourself to sunlight more often is essential to turn your biological clock to the right direction during winters. Keep the shades open, pull back the curtains, and invite the sunshine in. Try to wake up early and go out in the open to let the first rays of sun to touch your skin. Like exercise, natural light does help with depression, especially for the people who go to work before its light, come home after it is dark, and work in an office that's not near an outside space; whenever feasible. It is an excellent/rewarding tip for them is to walk out for a while, during their lunch breaks.

7. Since a burning fire is a reminder to slow down, relax and regenerate; fireplaces are a great source of heat and can warm any room in no time. It also reminds us that one day even this body will also be offered to fire; hence always try to do good to others and never hurt anybody. If you have an open fireplace or a wood fired stove, arrange furniture around it to create a focal point that fosters warmth, comfort and restoration. This creates a wonderfully soothing inviting atmosphere to come home; after a long day.

8. Candles are the perfect way to add a warm feeling to your home. An easy alternative is to install a dimmer switch. Candles can create a friendly feeling in the living room, add sparkle to a dinner table and promote romance in the bedroom. Let the glow of candles fill your rooms and your heart with warmth and light.

9. Turn on your bedroom lights as soon as you wake up in the morning, as the winter season can make you sleep longer because you don’t feel like getting out of your bed. It is advisable to put on your lights, the moment your alarm rings.

10. Since it is a proven fact that yoga works as a wonderful tonic in managing moods, getting into an exercise routine, is a great start in dealing with winter blues and living a healthier life. Pranayam increases circulation and keeps your body and mind fresh through oxygenation, thereby relieving you from stress.

11. Sound sleep is the simplest thing that you can have in order to fight back the symptoms of winter blues. Getting quality sleep is essential for proper hormonal balance as well as mental sharpness throughout the day. Hence, follow a proper schedule to help yourself fight back winter blues.

12. Long curtains made of materials like wool or cotton blend will help to keep the warm air in. During the day, these materials are very effective for letting in a natural source of heat by window treatments. Also, when the sun goes down, be sure to close them; as they will help insulate any room. More the layers, better it is.

13. Rugs/carpets for specific areas not only add style, but they can help keep you warm during the winter months. By using a few coloured rugs, we can add another effective layer of insulation to the floor in winter; besides giving it an attractive look.

14. Taking help of Feng shui in choosing colors also helps in balancing the five elements in our home as each of the five elements suggests a certain feeling or sensibility. For example, wood evokes creativity and expansions, while earth signifies strength and order. Since it may not be feasible to include all the elements in each room, using color that suits a particular zone is the best way to create balance. Like green color objects in East/Southeast; Green promotes growth and tranquility. Metallic colors-Golden, silver and copper in Northwest/West for attracting more helpful people in life; Earthen tones- Brown, tan yellows and orange in southwest, center zone and Northeast; harmonize a room. Water colors like blue, black colour objects in North attracts finances, we can also add more heat into a room by using colors like red, pink, plum and purple in south direction. Red, symbolizing happiness and strength, is the most auspicious color and is the color most used in Feng Shui cures.

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