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Welcome to World of Vaastu, Astrology & Feng-shui : Source to Health, Wealth and Prosperity




Vaastu and Garden Ratnadhayaya will bring Positive energy in your house, but at a little higher cost. Vaastu have its own specialty and doesn’t requires anything to make it powerful or effective, because it is effective and powerful of its own.

But, in a house, having Vaastu Dosh in the structure, adding some Gems, Grains, Flowers and Metal with some simple steps [which are used in “Ratnadhayaya therapy”] can make the Vaastu more effective and fill up the premises with positive energy. While constructing a House or a flat, or even after construction, placing of metal and Gemstones (Ratnadhyaya therapy) is recommended. This involves putting a metal “Copper Swastika” [Swastika is the most energetic symbol in the world and is used to energize the deficient zone/place or to protect the house from negative energies] along with the “Gemstones”.

Placements of these Gem-stones differ slightly from the stones that are traditionally used to represent the nine planets. These stones which are used in Rantnadhayaya therapy for Vaastu do not refer to the planets and to that particular direction. They are “Seeds of the Earth” and are to be placed as a remedies to remove /dilute the defects from the Vaastu / House structure.

These gems are a gift to the house and also bring in the seed influence of the gems which are related to certain heavenly bodies; increasing the positivity/diluting the adverse effects; day by day.

Ratnadhyaya therapy also Known as placement of “9 Ratnas [Nav-Ratnas]” which involves embedding Gem-stones under the floor of the house. Some experts recommend that only original and certified Gem-stones bought should be used for this purpose. However the proper placement of semi precious original Gemstones, is also very effective. Even the authentic ancient texts like Mayamatam, Aprajitpruchha & Maanasaaram also recommend the use of both; depending up on the availability and budget of the client.

Vaastu Gem Stones

Every Vaastu has eight directions and a center which are ruled by different planets. Maanasaaram & Mayamatam has chapter on ‘RATNADHAYAYA’ giving in detail about the directions, ruling planets, specific gems and mantras of ruling planets. Gemstones are perfect for vaastu corrections because they are formed through the powerful dynamic process of nature, embodying the energy of the elements which are in harmony with ideal vaastu arrangement.
Gems possess earth energy (it soothes, nourishes, heals and binds) which gives us recognition as individuals and also unites the entire family to stay together & love each other.

Gemstone Wearing and Installing Methodology

Placing the gemstone in close proximity to the place of sleeping or sitting has a greater effect. For example placing a pyramid made of natural red jade gemstone in the South or South west direction of a dwelling, activates the Muladhara Chakra. Similiarly, Parad, Lapis Lazuli and Sphatik in the North direction adds to the positivity, creativity and spirituality of people


1. Amethyst - Enhances spiritual awakening.
2. Aquamarine - Clears the mind and balances emotions.
3. Cat's Eye - Enhances stability, will power, courage and wisdom useful in Arthritis.
4. Coral - Strengthens one's foundation.
5. Diamond – Increases desire fulfillment.
6. Emerald - Useful for both physical and emotional healing regulates Blood Pressure.
7. Jade - Creates a feeling of relaxation and calm and thus reduces tension.
8. Lapis - Good for establishing a connection between the heart and the mind.
9. Black onyx - Helps to change bad habits.
10. Opal - Broadens one's perspective, enabling one to see all the possibilities in a situation.
11. Rose quartz – Gives emotional balance and enables us to express our emotions better as well as soothes them.
12. Ruby - Makes one realize his inherent power. Diabetes
13. Blue Sapphire – Provides mental clarity. Sinus
14. White Sapphire – Migraine
15. Yellow Sapphire – Thyroid
16. Pearl – Fertility Issues

Vaastu Shastra, Astrology, Palmistry are Ancient Indian Science for happy living.
It is advisable to consult a professional before taking any vital decision.

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