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Pt. Gopal Sharma

Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields.
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Gemology & Diseases
Articles on Gems and gemstherapy
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1. This occurs due to excessive production of acid in the body.
2. The symptoms are headache, rapid breathing, debility, and a sweetish odour to the breath.
Curative Measures :
An emerald of 5 crt on the middle finger, a yellow sapphire of 5 crt on the ring finger will be beneficial. In acute cases, a moonstone of 6 crt on the index finger is recommended.


1. Accidents means cut, injuries and bloodshed.
Curative Measures :
Red coral or white pearl is beneficial.


1. Eruption of pimples on the skin is known as acne.
2. The affected areas could be the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.
Curative Measures :
A white coral of 7 or 9 crt on the middle finger, and a lapis-lazuli of 2 crt on the little finger are recommended.


1. some drugs or chemicals cause allergy in certain people.
2. The digestive system, skin bronchi and nose are mainly affected.
3. The common types of allergic disorders are bronchial asthma, eczema, hay fever, rashes and headaches.
Curative Measures :
Cold stones like yellow sapphire, moonstone, blue sapphire and emerald are the recommended stones.


1. Chills and fevers from malaria are known as ague.
2. Metallic fumes and poisonous intakes can also cause ague.
Curative Measures :

Red coral of 7 to 8 crt worn on the ring finger, or a copper ring, a red thread or a cloth around the working hand will cure one of this ailment.


1. Ceasing of menstruation or a missed period due to pregnancy or hormonal imbalance is known as amenorrhoea.
2. Temporary amenorrhoea can also be caused by excessive fatigue and anxiety.
Curative Measures :
Red coral or copper ring, red cloth or thread on the left hand will counteract the disease.


1. This is the enlargement of the lymphoid tissue in the throat and at the back of the nose.
2. The symptoms are blockage of the nasal passage, colds, sinus infection and ear infections.
Curative Measures :
Red coral of 5 crt worn on the ring finger will be beneficial.


1. This is a partial or total loss of memory.
2. This is due to changes in the tissues of the brain.
Curative Measures :
Red coral of 7 to 9 crt and an emerald of 6 crt should be used.


1. Inflammation of joints due to deposits of crystallized uric acid in the cartilage's results in arthritis.
2. Reduction of body weight, intake of less protein rich foods, and acupuncture are measures to be adopted by arresting arthritis.
Curative Measures :
Red coral of 9 crt are recommended for use.


1. These can be in the form of pimples or carbuncles.
2. Diabetics and those with kidney problems are prone to boils.
Curative Measures:

Moonstone of 6 crt or lapis-lazuli of 4 crt should be used.

Bone Diseases

1. Osteomyelitis is inflammation of the bone, commonly affecting the hip and shin bones.
2. Osteitis is bone inflammation caused by over acitvity of the parathyroid gland.
3. Syphilis destroys the bone ends where they meet in joints, being very brittle.
Curative Measures :
During winter months, a red cloth or thread, a copper ring or red coral should be used.
In summer, lapis-lazuli, a black sloth or thread, or a steel ring will be beneficial.


1. Inflammation of the bronchial tubes cause this lung disease.
2. Fumes, dust, exposure to cold and inhalation of irritating gases lead to this problem, due to which cold, fever and also a dry cough, result.
Curative Measures :
Red coral of 7 to 9 crt set in a ring and worn on the ring finger will be a good supplement to medicines.


1. The blood vessels in the brain are interlaced with many nerves, and it is in these nerves that the pain of a headache originates.
2. Headaches can be in the form of tension headaches or migraines, and can be caused by eyestrain, sinusitis, common cold, influenza, allergies, menstruation, high blood pressure, injuries to the head or spine, brain tumor, hunger, cold, lack of sleep, fatigue or too much drinking or smoking.
Curative Measures :
Emerald and moonstone should be used.


1. A weakening of the tissue, generally muscle, surrounding an organ, leads to a portion of the organ bulging through the weal point.
Curative Measures :
Red coral and yellow sapphire are useful for this.


1. This is the inability to fall asleep or to sleep restfully. It is due to excessive fatigue, heavy and rich meals, caffeine, fear or anxiety.
Curative Measures :
Emerald, Moonstone and yellow sapphire are best.


1. This is caused by an excessive secretion of bilirubin, a constituent of the bile.
2. This could be due to excessive breakdown of red blood cells, or when the liver cells are unable to deal with the bile in the normal way, or due to a gallstone in the gall bladder.
Curative Measures :
Deep red coral of 7 to 8 crt on the right arm worn with a red thread, and very light blue sapphire of 5 crt on the middle finger will give complete relief.


1. This is a parasitic disease of the liver and spleen, causing enlargement of the organs, progressive anemia, intermittent fever, and swollen legs.
Curative Measures :
Red coral and moonstone, with emeralds as an additional stone, are used.


1. This is an inflammation of a nerve or nerves of the peripheral nervous system, causing pain along the course of the vein.
Curative Measures :
Red coral and emerald relieves one of this condition.


1. This is as enlarged vein in the wall of the ano-rectal canal, bringing discomfort or severe pain, often causing bleeding.
Curative Measures :
Red or white coral with moonstone are advised.


1. This is an acute inflammation of the lungs, I which the tiny air sacs become so filled up with fluid that breathing is affected.
Curative Measures :
Red coral and yellow sapphire are recommended.


1. This is an acute infection of the nervous system, sometimes resulting in paralysis, caused by a virus.
2. The symptoms are fever, headaches, vomiting, drowsiness, and stiffness in the neck and back.
Curative Measures :
Blue sapphire and red coral are ideal gems for this.



1. This is an infectious, communicable disease, caused by a bacterium.
2. This may affect the lungs, larynx, bones and joints, skin, lymph nodes, intestines, kidneys, and the nervous system.
Curative Measures :
Red coral and yellow sapphire, with white pearl as an additional gem, are used.

Typhoid Fever

1. This serious infectious disease caused by a bacterium, transmitted by contaminated by contaminated water, milk and other foods.
2. The symptoms are headache, high fever, red spots on chest and abdomen, and chills and sweating.
Curative Measures :
Emerald, yellow sapphire and moonstone are recommended for use.

Whooping Cough

1. An acute, very contagious disease of the bronchial tubes and the upper respiratory passages, primarily in childhood.
2. The symptoms are a severe cold, fever and a persistent whoop kind of cough.
Curative Measures :
Red coral, red cloth or thread, and copper ring are beneficial.

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