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Pt. Gopal Sharma

Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields.
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The derived from Laxmi Yatra
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Chinese gives equal importance to Loshu square as they do for the pa-kau. It is derived from Laxmi Yatra, similer to the one of the backof tortoise concidered on be the 2nd incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The square consists of numbers one to nine set in a square. As you can see from the square whether you add the numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally the sum of the numbers of 15. The square is also called magic square and is believed to give important information while analyging the building/destiny of the person. Let's have a closer at the square and try to see it's significance.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6

No. 1 Represents Water Element
No. 2,5,8 Represents Earth Element
No. 3,4 Represents Wood Element
No. 6,7 Represents Metal Element
No. 9 Represents Fire Element

How to apply Loshu Grid. Lets take one exampleof birth date 12 July,1977:-
Place the number of date of birth in the Loshu square as shown:-

  9 2

Now we can observe that
(A) In the chart 3&4 (represent wood element) is missing thereby growth is missing in his life.
How to get cure: Green light in the East & South-East in bed room for enhancing growth.

(B) Number 5&8 (represent Earth element) is missing thereby whatever he speaks or acts will not be forceful thereby he is not properly rewarded in the life

Cure: Yellow bulb in the centre of the room and he has to wear crystal neclace and peak himalayan mountain wall poster painting to be decorated or fixed
on the south side corner2' wall and westside corner2' wall thereby creating south west corner with 2 mountain in his bed room and office. Keep green stone pyramid in south west for strength & stability.

(C)Number 6 (represent metal )is missing in the chart which means he is missing friends or helpful people. He has struggle independently for his development in life or corner.

Cure: To wear a yellow metal bracelet on the hand or any yellow colour metal watchstrapladies will not have this problem as they wear golden bangles.
Hang a 5 rod yellow /golden wind chime in N/W sector and place a pre energizied yellow pyramid in NW.

Every human being is ruled by the direction influencing magnetic fields in his bedroom. According to the old testaments both Indian and Chinese heritage the four main direction and the four cardinal direction give different energies to a person,according to his /her date of birth or name , where thee exact date of birthnot available. First we deal withthe person having the birth date. Please use the following formula for determining the indivisual lucky numbers:-

Using the lunar calender year of birth, add the two digiits of the year till you get a single digit number.e.g A person born on 15 July,1943. In this case the lunar year according to the chinese numerology has commenced on 5th Feb,1943. Now coming to the above birth date please take 1943 as the lunar year in this the last two digit i.e.43are to be added to receive the single digit i.e.4+3=7. Now the man deduct this number 7 from 10. The result number is 3,which is his lucky number. For womenborn on above date add this two digit number 5 i.e.4+3+5=12 (1+2=3) which is her lucky number.

Note:- If you get the number 10 adding the number then you have to consider 1+0=1. Accordingg to table know your directions.
The above person born with the lucky number 3 should keep his or her pillow on the south and east direction if they want total success or personal development.If they want to recover their health they must keep thier pillow toward North direction. If they want to be get the children they must keep thier pillow on the south- east direction. Similarly while working or studying the table they must face or visualize the above lucky directions.Thus this charts denotes the auspicious and inauspicious directions who know their date of birth. With the help of these three charts Laxmi Yantra, directionology and biothythmsone can easily obtain health, happiness, peace and prosperity in everyday life.

No. Direction Element Solution
1 North Water Keep ornamental water fish aquarium
2 South-West Big Earth Hang high peak mountain poster without water/wear crystal pendant Wear pearl ring keep green stone pyramid
5 Centre Earth Hang high peak mountain poster without water/wear crystal pendant wear pearl ring ,keep green stone pyramid, hang yellow bulb in centre of room.
8 North-East Small Earth Keep Ganga kalash filled with holy Ganga water wear crystal neclace/pendant.
3 East Wood Light green bulb keep picture of green/ energized green pyramid.
4 South-East Wood Light green bulb keep picture of green energized green pyramid.
6 North-West Metal Wear watch with golden metalic chain hang 5 rod metallic 11'' golden yellow wind chime install energized yellow pyramid.
7 West Metal Wear watch with golden metalic chain hang 5 rod metallic 11'' golden yellow wind chime install energized yellow pyramid with white pyarmid.
9 South Fire Light red bulb install energized red pyramid.

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