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Welcome to World of Vaastu, Astrology & Feng-shui : Source to Health, Wealth and Prosperity

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Pt. Gopal Sharma

Born in a renowned family of vedic scholars & spiritual healers, Pt.Gopal Sharma, an engineering graduate of 1973 from Delhi College of Engineering is a luminary in many fields.
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Pyramid Healing
Pyravastu: Subtle Energy Balancing
by Dhara Bhatt
PyraVastu is a way of energy balancing by creating new-programmed information with Pyramid Yantra. It is based on the essence of Vedic principles of subtle anatomy to harmonize the lifestyle of the modern man with the laws of the universe

To have a sweet-home is our basic need. Peace harmony, prosperity and health are what we desire there. Vastu and Feng Shui harmonize our spirit, home and environment. But these arts are practically impossible to apply wholly.

By using the core principles of Vastu, Feng Shui and other ancient sciences, Prof. Jiten Bhatt has developed this new practical yet deep-rooted spiritual method of PyraVastu.

Prof. Bhatt has many multidimensional inventions to his name. He has been researching for 30 years in the field of healing and related subjects. One of his most result-oriented inventions is Pynergy and PyraVastu. Lakhs of people have benefited from it in solving their day-to-day problems.

PyraVastu is a new concept of subtle level correction with pyramid yantras based on mind over matter. It deals with our inbuilt power and ability of mind-body-emotion. When you have the intense will to do something, you instantly become capable of accomplishing tasks that you had never thought of doing under normal physical conditions.

This powerful intention at the code level induces energy within us. Thus, subtle energy level correction is more powerful than that done by material or physical means.

Space does matter!

When matter dominates over spirit, it gives rise to the five elements. The five-foldedness of material nature provides the basis of our existence. The five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Ether or Space - govern us.

Harmony between these elements in our body as well as in our surrounding environment brings about peace and balance within us. We can use the five elements to usher in far-reaching changes.

Modern science says that whatever is happening around us is based on the fundamental factors of time and space. Each change and action in the universe is due to the mass and movement of subatomic particles.

Space plays a vital role in this process as without it nothing grows or expands. Space, thus, becomes more potent than other elements. Space is omnipresent and also a common link of communication in the universe. When we make boundaries by any means, say physical, i.e., by erecting walls and the roof, then that space is a bounded space.

This bounded space works in two ways-independently and in harmony with the outer space. Its own working depends on the geometry of the boundaries. Now if we know the property of the bounded space and a technique of using that space, then we can take advantage of the same.

The power of Pyramid Yantra is based on the permutation, combination and interaction of such known multiple spaces.

The law of central axis

We know that each bounded space is different by itself. But each of these spaces is well connected by a divine axis or cord, which is called the central axis.

This axis is like the thread of a necklace where each bead has a different identity of its own but when connected to each other through a thread becomes a beautiful necklace. The centre of each space is important.

Communication is done by this centre through the central axis. In this cosmos there is a maze of spaces but each well-connected with the others. Communication can be done from the higher to the lower level, i.e., from brain to cell and vice versa.

In the same way, communication in space occurs from any known microspace to the outside space and vice-versa. Pyramid Yantra is a multiple-space instrument used for correction of disharmony.

A space in this instrument is well connected through its centre to the other spaces. The centre of this yantra communicates with the centre of the room in which it is placed. The centre of the room communicates with the centre of the house, which communicates with the centre of the man residing there.

Hence any coding done at the central space of this yantra communicates to the centres of peripheral spaces in the cosmos as well as your own centre.

Fa and Maa

In PyraVastu, the subject is man, his surroundings, how they affect him, what he can do and what he can achieve. Our journey in life begins with the divine union of a micro Fa (sperm) and a micro Maa (ovum).

Hence, it is due to Fa and Maa that we have our present miraculous body. Everything in this universe including us is harmoniously divided into two divisions Fa and Maa.

On the level of the divine we are divided into: pure consciousness and bliss; on level of mind and emotions: will and love; and on level of body: nervous system and circulatory system. Balance between Fa and Maa brings natural happiness, health and prosperity.

FaMaa orientation for programming

All work is done between two opposite ends or polarities, e.g., positive and negative in electricity and Fa Maa in living beings. So, like everywhere in the universe we also have two in-built power generators within us: Fa and Maa.

Before installing any instrument for some purpose it should be oriented. By doing orientation millions of micro particles in the space of the instrument start harmoniously communicating with each other and also with centres of other spaces as per the programme.

Lets start programming

· Sit in a quite, calm and comfortable place.

· Rub your hands lightly for 1-2 minutes.

· Place the instrument (Pyramid Yantra) on Maa (left) hand, then place the Fa (right) hand on top of it.

· Close your eyes.

· Create Maa awareness for 30 seconds by evoking pure love within yourself from heart.

· Then create Fa awareness for 30 seconds by repeating your purpose with intense will from brain.

· Repeat the previous two steps alternately for 3-5 minutes.

· You can now place the FaMaa oriented instrument wherever needed, to fulfill your purpose.

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